We fund students undertaking Masters + PhD programmes (1+3 funding) and stand-alone PhD programmes (+3 funding).

In addition to covering the cost of all programme fees, those in receipt of a South Coast DTP studentship award will also receive an annual maintenance grant of £15,009  (2019/20 RCUK rate).  South Coast DTP PhD students will also have access to a Research Training Support Grant for things such as carrying out fieldwork within the UK, purchasing essential equipment and attending relevant conferences.

In addition to our Open Call for student-inspired projects, we are also accepting applications to the following advertised projects:

University of Brighton

University of Portsmouth

University of Southampton

University of Brighton

Algorithmic gender bias in health and social care (University of Brighton)

A multi cohort study of resilience pathways for adolescents facing social-class inequalities (University of Brighton)

Brexit referendum and financial stability of UK companies (University of Brighton)

Coproducing primary care: the role of community-primary care partnership in addressing inequality (University of Brighton)

Dissonance in attitudes about open markets and labour migration: what are the implications for ‘post Brexit’ European social policy? (University of Brighton)

Effecting and affecting system change to improve the lives of people living with multiple and complex needs (University of Brighton)

Generational re/imaginings of automobile futures in transport industry and policy and in everyday mobilities (University of Brighton)

‘Living well’ in the context of climate change: Lessons from Latin America (University of Brighton)

Metals and mineral demand in a low-carbon economy (University of Brighton)

Querying ethics, knowledge cultures, and ethnicity in Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine refusal (University of Brighton)

Solutions to the housing crisis? Co-operative living 1970 to today (University of Brighton)

 University of Portsmouth

Circular migration, wellbeing and citizenship: Central & Eastern European (CEE) family experiences in the UK (University of Portsmouth)

Development and individual differences in understanding and contagion of others’ affective and cognitive states (University of Portsmouth)

Drawings as a method for eliciting information and magnifying cues to deceit (University of Portsmouth)

The Policy Impacts of Mental Health and Wellbeing (University of Portsmouth)


University of Southampton

Business School

Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning in the Service Sector (Business) (University of Southampton)

Designing interventions to prevent plastics from getting into the sea: A behavioural-science approach to understand and improve the decision rules of stakeholders in Citarum river (Business) (University of Southampton)

Developing a hybrid simulation approach to planning mental health services (Business) (University of Southampton)

Embedding ethical uncertainty in algorithmic decision-making (Business) (University of Southampton)

Image-Enriched Credit Risk Modelling for Micro and SME Lending (Business) (University of Southampton) NB – This project is available for immediate start. Please contact if you wish to apply for this project

Measurement of the Effectiveness and Compliance of Algorithmic Decision Making (Business) (University of Southampton)



Cognitive processes in writing to learn (Education) (University of Southampton)



Assessing wetland dependencies and management effects to inform sustainable resource management (Geography) (University of Southampton)

Why is small scale agriculture unsustainable in Odisha, India? (Geography) (University of Southampton)


Politics and International Relations

Agenda-setting impacts of public participation (Politics and International Relations) (University of Southampton)

Ethical governance of military machine intelligence (Politics and International Relations) (University of Southampton)

Global Constitutionalism in an Era of Resurgent State Sovereignty (Politics and International Relations) (University of Southampton)

Mill’s Harm Principle and Contemporary Public Policy (Politics and International Relations) (University of Southampton)



Contextual Factors in Low Back Pain Consultations (Psychology) (University of Southampton)

Emotion regulation, reward-related neural activity, and well-being (Psychology) (University of Southampton)

Understanding our 3D world (Psychology) (University of Southampton)


Social Statistics and Demography

Adolescent and young adult life in the UK: exploring the use of technology and social media on well-being and relationships (Social Statistics & Demography) (University of Southampton)

New Methodologies For Analysing Longitudinal Data on Homelessness (Social Statistics & Demography) (University of Southampton)

Risk and Resilience in the Transition to Adulthood: Risky trajectories but positive mental health outcomes among the UK Millennium Cohort (Social Statistics & Demography) (University of Southampton)


Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

An Interdisciplinary Study of Algorithmic Risk Prediction Technologies in the Penal System (Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology) (University of Southampton)

Religion at the workplace: experiences, beliefs and practices (Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology) (University of Southampton)


To apply for funding for these projects, please visit our ‘Apply‘ page.



In addition to standard studentship payments, members of the South Coast DTP are able to apply to the following schemes for additional funds through the course of their studies:

Overseas Institutional Visits

Provides students with a funded extension and additional funding for travel and subsistence, to spend a maximum of 12 weeks at an overseas institution. The scheme is to be used to encourage international engagement, undertake additional specialist training not available in the UK, establish research links and disseminate early research career findings.

Image 1


In addition to the RCUK Internship scheme, The South Coast DTP Internship programme will enable students to undertake internships for up to 3 months during the course of their PhD. Students will receive an extension to their studentship for the same duration as their internship and may be able to claim up to £1000 per month to cover additional travel and accommodation expenses.

Image 2

Enhanced Student Training Fund

To facilitate student attendance at training courses outside of the normal DTP/Consortium network, the DTP will provide a limited number of bursaries of up to £1000 each. This funding will be available on a competitive basis and is to be used for attending UK/International courses which would enhance the research/research experience. These may be for specialised technical courses within the UK or for training in an area that expertise lies internationally.

Image 3

Student-led Training Fund

We will make funds available for students to set up their own training courses which can be advertised and attended by students across the entire DTP network. Previous examples have included audio-visual training, policy briefings, and knowledge exchange events.

Image 4

Overseas Visit Bursaries

In recognition of the competitive nature of the OIV scheme, the SCDTP will supplement this with an initiative to support students who wish to make shorter overseas visits to enhance their research. We will award a limited number of bursaries of up to £2000 each per year, to support visits of up to 1 month. This scheme will not attract an extension of the studentship.

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